How strong will my repair be?

Laser welding will withstand normal wear.

Does the laser weld burn my paint?

All welding is done under a microscope and is welded exactly in the same spot. The weld appears as a small micro bead that is virtually unnoticeable. If there are any cracks detected, they will be automatically welded at no extra cost to you.
Your frames are carefully disassembled before welding.

Will my frames fit me when they are returned?

Your frame is carefully adjusted back to its original alignment. Any issues regarding progressive lens adjustment can be easily tweaked by your personal optician.

How do I know if my eyeglasses are repairable?

Virtually any metal can be welded no matter how big or small the part is.

Can you repair my rimless eyeglass frames?

Yes, rimless eyeglasses can be repaired and plastic plugs replaced.

What if I've lost my part?

We have thousands of different replacement parts or we can custom make a part for your frame.

Will my insurance company cover the cost of my repair?

This is simply answered by a phone call to your insurance company. Some will cover repairs.

Are my eyeglasses too old to repair?

We can revive most of your time worn frames to give them new life again!

How soon will I get my eyeglasses back?

Our walk in service in most cases is while you wait.
Our mail in repairs are welded the business day of arrival and shipped out within the next business day.

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